Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sad, Sad times :( True love

I no a lot of people who read this will think that i am always black and upset about something but im not this is just how i am now.

Today....i feel really sad that i cant see Danielle, so many things i want to talk to her about.  I miss her.
I wish there was a simple answer to it and i could click my fingers and go back to the way we all once were. The count down is now on to 2 years she we last saw Dan, i am more scared this year than i was last. Its getting further away from when i saw her and am scared im going to forget something.
I try to write down as many thing as i can to remember Dan, so that in 20 years time i can look back and read through it and no all the things she loved.
One thing i no she loved was her family and Thomas Harper Clark, when someone says your sole mate is out there well they had found each other...They were mad for each other.

Sadly, it only lasted 3 years when Danielle got taken away...I remember at Dans funeral sat next to him and i could hear him crying, praying for her to wake up. Just like the rest of us...He was heartbroken!!!

Why him and why his Danielle???? I could not answer him :(

I still see him every now and then and we talk about Danielle but i can see the black and the sadness in his eyes and his heart breaking all over again.

So yeh, true love is possible...but it dont mean youll always be together.....

Treasure each moment, every touch and each kiss.....Dont ever let go!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fathers Day

Its a really sad time in my house now...i have bought him a present tho which i no he will like.. as to day as been payday.

I just hope my dad is ok, i no how i felt on my birthday without Danielle so i no its going to be hard for him. We all just count downe the days until we are all together i think, its something i would never want anyone to go through.

Happy Fathers Day Love Dan, Char & Jake xx

Thursday, 16 June 2011

The way of life- Its wrong!!

Right, i don't no if people will agree on this or not and to be honest i don't care but what is the point in life at ALL!!

Just to get chewed up and spat back out all the time. They say there is a person called GOD up there somewhere but to this day i have never seen or herd or had any thing fantastic happen to me. So is he really there??

Its aload of crap...Big time...People believing in something that isn't even there...someone who takes innocent children away from there parents or a sister/brother away from there loved ones....Takes a beautiful young lady away from her future of bright and wonderful things........
Nahhhhh, how can people on earth that take other people life's be called MURDERS but then he takes peoples life and he is the saint of all saints....Its so wrong!!!!

You get born and get brought up by wonderful parents and get given a beautiful brother and gorgeous sister, but then one of them is snatched away from me...for what reason??? Non at all!!!!!
You go to work...slave you guts out and die any way...whats the point!!

So my conclusion on this is that IF there is something up there called God then he is a selfish and heartless man that look my sister away from me for no reason and if there is isn't...Well I'll never no will i!!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Not lot of hope- Sisters

After my first week at work and it being a year an half since Danielle died, its been a very stressful week and am i glad its over....YES!!!

After an emotional day on Wednesday i could not understand why this had to happen to me and my family. I had little hope that day, little hope that my life will ever be good and worth living again! To hurt as much as i do and still have to get up every morning is really hard. I cant even begin to explain the major stress and torment it has given me.

Another 6 months now till the BLACK day and am already counting down to the morning i wake up and no its been 2 years since i held, kissed and told her i love her.

Dear Danielle,

18 months since we last spoke and oh how i wish it was just 18 seconds, i always thought if i could write to u and u could read it id have lots to say but i actually dont all i want is to hold u and most of all tell you i love you! This has broken my heart big time and i dont no how i am going to live the rest of my life with this massive gap i have.
I so wish you where hear with me to share the joys and the lows of my life and my future.

Your my sister and my best friend and i have very happy memories of us growing up, i new you for an amazing 19 years and i cherish every single second i had with you and i will remember the fun and silly things we did together like when on holiday and i fell calling it the airoplane :) i remmber to  this day you laughing so much about it even tho i cried haha!!

Also, i will remember the sad and angry times we shared cause as sisters there was many, and every sister goes through this.

Untill we meet again,
my friend,
my solemate,
my family,
My Sister

Forever Yours,

 Charlotte XxX

Thursday, 9 June 2011


After being out of work for nearly 4 months i have found myself a new job at weatherspoon in Keighley. I have worked 3 days and today is my day off. 
I have to say that working is great, getting me out of the house and keeping me busy does take my mind of alot of things that i sometime really want to forget. A year and a half yesterday since Danielle died it was good that i was at work as i dint have time to sit aroud crying about it and i had to get on with what i was doing. 

Starting work i already new a few people so iw as really comfertable in asking questions and letting them help me, i think it was a good thing as tehy all ready no my past! I cant wait to start getting a regular wage again :D and being able to buy what i want when i want. 

Also, being in work i hope that my diet will kick start it self and help me shift these lose pounds before my holiday in september and help me get back to my normal self of fit and healthy for the future. 

Today, i feel hopefull for the future 

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Family- Danielle Leah

how does anyone come to tearms with death!! how does each morning you still get a sun rise and at night sunset?? when that special person is taken away from you, waking up each day to find out that this is my life.

i would never of belived anyone if theyd of told me a year and half ago my beautiful sister would of been taken away from me!
 i cant explain even no the pain and heartache this has caused to me and my family! ill explaine a little bit about danielle leah heggarty!
 she was born 26th december 1987 and was a beautiful christmas baby. she was the first child and daughter to my mum and dad! she had a normal life, nothing bad really happened!
obviously i dont no really anything about her childhood as i was too young to remember but i do remeber some things. but i remember one thing that will never leave me, on the 8th of december 2009 she was taken away from me at the young age of 21. writing this makes me want to smash my phone up and sit and cry, i cant ever understand why anyone would want to take her away from the people that love her the most! an angel then and an angel now!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Family-My Mummy & Daddy

 whats family?? well these two gave me and my brother and sister life! you cant ask for more than that! i hold my hands up and say we all are very spoilt and have always got what we wanted :) i never needed for anything! i would not change them for the world! we have had our ups and downs and we have been through life changing things but we are still hear and still going me that means something! i love them both so so much just wish i could change our lifes and make them better! xx

Me & David

Me and Dave, we met 7 years ago through freind and we instantly hit it off. We saw each other for s while before going out seprate ways. We then met 2 years later when I was 16 and same again hit it off but I think we were too young and went different ways again! Then a year and half ago when I was 19 we met again in the pub on the 26th of March 2010 and from then we have been together.

 We have had our ups and downs like any couple does, but he changed my life, I love him even tho sometimes I could strangel him :) :) x He's a massive part of my life and I want to spend the rest of my life with him!I love him to the moon and back <3

Family- Jake Conner

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my little brother, who is a beautiful boy! a little ray of sunshine and im so grateful for my mum and dad for giving me a baby brother even if when he was born i was very jealous of him! after he was born he came home but at 10 days old he was rushed to hospital with a bleed, it was very close but he came thorugh like the litttle fighter he is now but he was diagnosed with a blood disorder factor 13 which basical mean ur blood dont clot which was very scarey, he has his injections every 4 week to make sure he is safe and well. this picture was taken last week when he went to get his first pair of glasses and i think he looks beautiful still. i love him lots and lots xx

New Person

As I am new to this thought would start off by blogging a little bit about me! I am Charlotte Heggarty, daughter to Julie and Paul and sister to Danielle and Jake! I like to think my life is normal but to most people I'm far from a  normal 21 year old girl! had some real tough times! I live at home sort of with both mum and dad but also stay at my boyfriends daves.In this blogg you will see how I went from a normal family girl to a scared, angry ,vunrabel young lady! Well me and my important people.  xx