Saturday, 11 June 2011

Not lot of hope- Sisters

After my first week at work and it being a year an half since Danielle died, its been a very stressful week and am i glad its over....YES!!!

After an emotional day on Wednesday i could not understand why this had to happen to me and my family. I had little hope that day, little hope that my life will ever be good and worth living again! To hurt as much as i do and still have to get up every morning is really hard. I cant even begin to explain the major stress and torment it has given me.

Another 6 months now till the BLACK day and am already counting down to the morning i wake up and no its been 2 years since i held, kissed and told her i love her.

Dear Danielle,

18 months since we last spoke and oh how i wish it was just 18 seconds, i always thought if i could write to u and u could read it id have lots to say but i actually dont all i want is to hold u and most of all tell you i love you! This has broken my heart big time and i dont no how i am going to live the rest of my life with this massive gap i have.
I so wish you where hear with me to share the joys and the lows of my life and my future.

Your my sister and my best friend and i have very happy memories of us growing up, i new you for an amazing 19 years and i cherish every single second i had with you and i will remember the fun and silly things we did together like when on holiday and i fell calling it the airoplane :) i remmber to  this day you laughing so much about it even tho i cried haha!!

Also, i will remember the sad and angry times we shared cause as sisters there was many, and every sister goes through this.

Untill we meet again,
my friend,
my solemate,
my family,
My Sister

Forever Yours,

 Charlotte XxX

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