Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sad, Sad times :( True love

I no a lot of people who read this will think that i am always black and upset about something but im not this is just how i am now.

Today....i feel really sad that i cant see Danielle, so many things i want to talk to her about.  I miss her.
I wish there was a simple answer to it and i could click my fingers and go back to the way we all once were. The count down is now on to 2 years she we last saw Dan, i am more scared this year than i was last. Its getting further away from when i saw her and am scared im going to forget something.
I try to write down as many thing as i can to remember Dan, so that in 20 years time i can look back and read through it and no all the things she loved.
One thing i no she loved was her family and Thomas Harper Clark, when someone says your sole mate is out there well they had found each other...They were mad for each other.

Sadly, it only lasted 3 years when Danielle got taken away...I remember at Dans funeral sat next to him and i could hear him crying, praying for her to wake up. Just like the rest of us...He was heartbroken!!!

Why him and why his Danielle???? I could not answer him :(

I still see him every now and then and we talk about Danielle but i can see the black and the sadness in his eyes and his heart breaking all over again.

So yeh, true love is possible...but it dont mean youll always be together.....

Treasure each moment, every touch and each kiss.....Dont ever let go!