Thursday, 9 June 2011


After being out of work for nearly 4 months i have found myself a new job at weatherspoon in Keighley. I have worked 3 days and today is my day off. 
I have to say that working is great, getting me out of the house and keeping me busy does take my mind of alot of things that i sometime really want to forget. A year and a half yesterday since Danielle died it was good that i was at work as i dint have time to sit aroud crying about it and i had to get on with what i was doing. 

Starting work i already new a few people so iw as really comfertable in asking questions and letting them help me, i think it was a good thing as tehy all ready no my past! I cant wait to start getting a regular wage again :D and being able to buy what i want when i want. 

Also, being in work i hope that my diet will kick start it self and help me shift these lose pounds before my holiday in september and help me get back to my normal self of fit and healthy for the future. 

Today, i feel hopefull for the future 

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  1. I'm glad the job is good. Just take each day one at a time x