Sunday, 5 June 2011

Family- Danielle Leah

how does anyone come to tearms with death!! how does each morning you still get a sun rise and at night sunset?? when that special person is taken away from you, waking up each day to find out that this is my life.

i would never of belived anyone if theyd of told me a year and half ago my beautiful sister would of been taken away from me!
 i cant explain even no the pain and heartache this has caused to me and my family! ill explaine a little bit about danielle leah heggarty!
 she was born 26th december 1987 and was a beautiful christmas baby. she was the first child and daughter to my mum and dad! she had a normal life, nothing bad really happened!
obviously i dont no really anything about her childhood as i was too young to remember but i do remeber some things. but i remember one thing that will never leave me, on the 8th of december 2009 she was taken away from me at the young age of 21. writing this makes me want to smash my phone up and sit and cry, i cant ever understand why anyone would want to take her away from the people that love her the most! an angel then and an angel now!

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