Thursday, 16 June 2011

The way of life- Its wrong!!

Right, i don't no if people will agree on this or not and to be honest i don't care but what is the point in life at ALL!!

Just to get chewed up and spat back out all the time. They say there is a person called GOD up there somewhere but to this day i have never seen or herd or had any thing fantastic happen to me. So is he really there??

Its aload of crap...Big time...People believing in something that isn't even there...someone who takes innocent children away from there parents or a sister/brother away from there loved ones....Takes a beautiful young lady away from her future of bright and wonderful things........
Nahhhhh, how can people on earth that take other people life's be called MURDERS but then he takes peoples life and he is the saint of all saints....Its so wrong!!!!

You get born and get brought up by wonderful parents and get given a beautiful brother and gorgeous sister, but then one of them is snatched away from me...for what reason??? Non at all!!!!!
You go to work...slave you guts out and die any way...whats the point!!

So my conclusion on this is that IF there is something up there called God then he is a selfish and heartless man that look my sister away from me for no reason and if there is isn't...Well I'll never no will i!!